Quality and Service from our Farms to your consumer.

Our operational solutions deliver supply-side efficiency and quality through state-of-the-art agricultural, processing, packing, sales and logistics operations that span more than 65,000 acres in the U.S. and Canada and encompass all major growing regions, seasons, and varieties.  The Partners of Fresh Solutions Network start by growing quality in through selection of the best varieties and the best soils on owned acreage and that of like-minded, long-term grower partners.  Agricultural, quality, food safety, and processing best practices are implemented at every step to insure that we deliver a delicious difference your consumers can see and taste.

Quality protocols that produce results

The Partners of Fresh Solutions Network  employ agricultural and processing best practices to help insure consistent delivery of high quality potatoes.

  • Extended crop rotations to foster sustainable, healthy soil
  • Vine kill before harvest to set the skin
  • Multiple wash processes, including an anti-microbial final rinse
  • Multiple grading processes, including on-site USDA inspection, photographic optical grading and sizing, x-ray for hollow-heart detection, and visual inspection by trained associates—all to insure consistent size, shape, and quality prior to packaging. Potatoes that don’t meet specifications for retail or restaurant use are perfect for our Keystone Processing Plant and Green Thumb Farms Cold River Distillery, so you can rest assured that we will meet or exceed your quality expectations.
  • Facility design and state of the art conveyance systems to minimize drops and prevent bruising
  • Potatoes are washed, cooled, and dried before being packed; clean, fresh, dry potatoes into the bag mean longer shelf life and greater product satisfaction when served
  •  Product is packed to order, to insure you receive the freshest potatoes possible

Sales Operations, Order fulfillment, Customer Service

When you work with a Fresh Solutions Network Partner, you work directly with the owner of a multi-generational farming, packing, and shipping company. No middlemen, no brokers, no unnecessary time or cost in the supply chain, no excuses. You are only one step away from the farm…the product is fresher, the business is personal. Fresh Solutions Network Partners are as passionate about your business as they are about their own. They’ll deliver seamless, transparent, order management and logistics to ensure you receive the best quality local, regional, national and international product supply and service year-round.

Dedicated account teams with extensive experience in Vendor Managed Inventory, electronic ordering systems such as I-trade and FoodLink, and logistics management work with you to complete on-time, accurate deliveries. With their own trucking fleets and strategic geographic locations, most orders can be filled within 24 hours, if not the same day. They will even suggest promotional programs and themes, limited-time offers based on current supply conditions, new products, and other ideas to help drive your business.