insight-at-grocery-store-300x190Fresh Solutions Network Partners deliver more than just on-time, accurate orders of high quality potatoes and onions. As owners of Fresh Solutions Network, LLC, the Partners can bring you an unparalleled level of value-added solutions designed to engage your shoppers, enhance the shopping experience, drive traffic to your produce department and stimulate incremental volume, revenue, and profit.

It all starts with a comprehensive understanding of the consumer, along with the dynamics, trends, and unmet needs that impact their engagement in the category. We then conduct an intense analysis of your category performance within the competitive landscape. After taking into account your company’s strategic objectives and priorities, we develop a fact-based foundation for the creation of customized programs tailored to your specific situation, opportunities and goals.

Learn more about how we work with you to move from data to insight to action to impact and help drive superior category performance.

Our approach is holistic.

We integrate retail scan data, loyalty card data, proprietary consumer research, and secondary consumer and industry resources to understand not just “what,” but also “why,” and perhaps most importantly, “what’s next?”

Our recommendations are comprehensive.

We take a total category perspective and provide recommendations that encompass assortment, merchandising, pricing, promotion, packaging, and communication.

Our process is continuous.

Assess, recommend, implement, measure—then rinse and repeat!

Our experience builds confidence.

As potato category advisor for several leading retailers across the country, we know first-hand the  challenges associated with produce scan data. Because of this, we work closely with you and our data suppliers to insure data integrity and accuracy down to the item level, so we can consistently deliver confidence and results.

Our approach is collaborative.

We listen. We strive to understand your shoppers, your objectives, your operational challenges. We brainstorm with you. We test and learn together. Working together, we can drive superior business performance for your categories.