sweet-potatoAlthough not technically “potatoes” because of their botanical lineage, consumers include sweet potatoes in their definition of the potato category and consider them both a “starch” side dish in their menu planning.  Sweet potato sales continue to grow, as consumers discover their delicious taste, learn about their nutritional benefits, and have more convenient ways to select and prepare them for “everyday” meals in addition to “special occasions.”  Fresh Solutions Network is focusing on the value-added convenience segment and currently includes a sweet potato sku in their Simply SpudsTM SteamablesTM, BakeablesTM, and GrillablesTM lines, and as part of the Heartland Prime Select Baking Potato assortment.  The Partners of Fresh Solutions Network have identified select, like-minded growers of sweet potatoes to provide them with the high quality sweet potatoes we pack under our brand names.

All additional info Source: North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission.