Re-imagine. Re-engage. Re-energize.

Our consumer, category, industry, and trend insight serves as the foundation from which we identify and introduce product, packaging, and process innovations designed to increase consumer satisfaction, stimulate incremental purchases, drive supply chain efficiencies, and improve overall category vitality and performance.

Consumers tell us they are in a “potato rut” and would serve potatoes more often if they knew of different ways to prepare them.  They also want to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less, and aren’t sure how potatoes can fit into that routine. By re-imagining and re-inventing how consumers perceive, prepare, and serve potatoes, we can re-engage them in the category.  The result:  a re-energized category that drives traffic, sales, and profit.

Leading the way in convenience and variety

Our new products, such as Side Delights®, Steamables and Roastables, have captured leading shares in their segments and address the need to make potatoes more convenient for today’s busy consumer. Side Delights® Gourmet Petite potatoes capitalize on increasing demand for the colorful, flavorful specialty potatoes that your shoppers have seen on televised cooking shows and enjoy in fine-dining restaurants.  In addition, we know that increased variety equals increased consumption, so we continuously work with agronomists and other resources to identify and bring to market proprietary seed varieties that will enhance the consumer eating experience and help get potatoes served with (at least) one more meal per week.

Packaging that delivers form, function, and style

Our pSide Delights Gourmet Petitesackaging innovations not only make potatoes more convenient, they also help extend shelf life, make product selection easier, and stimulate impulse purchases with high-impact, high-communication graphics.

We are proud to be awarded PMA’s Impact Award for our Side Delights® Gourmet Petite Potatoes.




PMA’s ImPMA Impact Award Winnerpact Award recognizes companies that use innovation and excellence in packaging to maximize the selling of fresh produce and floral. This notable award recognizes trendsetters that create and deliver bold new concepts into the industry.

Fresh thinking from beginning to end

The culture of innovation at Fresh Solutions Network applies to process improvements, as well as new products.  Our supply chain resources, including our network of farms and facilities, our truck fleets, our direct access to rail, and our extensive experience with vendor managed inventory and on-line ordering systems allow us tremendous flexibility and creativity in working with you to help solve your supply chain challenges.

Check out Our Brands and our Operational Solutions for more examples of the fresh thinking, new products, and new energy we bring to the category.