Fresh Solutions Network exists to surprise and delight, add-value and grow the businesses of:

We serve you better, because:

We reinvented the “supply-and-buy” model by replacing the middlemen with a direct-supply “dream team.”

  • We think you should know exactly what you’re buying and who you’re buying it from.
    Brokers, auctions and other commodity-based approaches mean you may not know either one of those things for sure, and that puts quality and accountability at risk.
  • FSN is not a broker, a co-op, or a sales group. It is an invitation-only network of potato and onion growers and shippers with superior products and trustworthy track records who personally own the land, work the soil, and pack the product.
    There’s no one between you and your supplier. The only way to have more control over your potatoes would be to farm them yourself.
  • You choose one or more preferred point(s) of contact from among all FSN members and they coordinate sourcing and supplying your total custom assortment via the FSN network.
    Not only will you always know who you’re dealing with, you’ll know who they’re dealing with as well.

Our approach gives you unprecedented access to competitive insights, to collaborative innovation, and ultimately, to optimal assortment.

Competitive Insights

  • Your data is only part of the picture. FSN completes the picture by putting your data into the context of what your competitors are doing, why they’re doing it, and what it means to you.

Collaborative Innovation

  • Potatoes and onions are traditional, staple items. Bringing life to these categories for your shoppers adds value and differentiates you from your competition.
  • Collaborative innovation creates a linkage between inspiration and engagement resulting in a loyal shopper base.

Optimal Assortment

  • Think of it as high “SKU IQ” – a smart assortment of locally sourced and nationally distributed products tailored to consumer preferences, down to the store level.
  • FSN membership is limited to the top producers in every potato and onion variety and category, so you’re not just ordering generic reds, or fingerlings, or petites from wherever you can get them. You’re ordering the finest reds, fingerlings or petites available.