ColoredpotatoesBy offering expanded flavors and types and the means in which to use them, the food industry is providing choice in categories that used to simply offer “all-purpose” products.  Think about it.  The apple category used to be red delicious, golden delicious and Granny Smith.  Lettuce used to be iceberg, leaf and romaine.  Mushrooms, sugar and flour were all plain white.

Something GREAT is happening. Consumers are asking for more choice in response to the media and foodservice surrounding them.

What does this have to do with potatoes?  We now have the opportunity to grow the potato category and increase sales by highlighting popular uses for each basic type of potato.

In 2010, the USPB Consumer Segmentation Study discovered when the primary potato shopper used more potato types, she also consumed and purchased potatoes more often.   We also learned that if our target consumer is offered usage ideas and recipes that help dispel the mystery surrounding potato types with which she is unfamiliar, she is much more likely to expand the selection of potatoes in her pantry.

potato-categoryWith this insight, the vision of how to describe and enjoy all seven main types offered:  russets, reds, whites, yellows, fingerlings, purples and petites became clear.

Click to link to Potato Types.  Each potato type has a description to explain the qualities and attributes of the type that make them optimal for certain uses.  Also included are alternate ways to use the type to give flexibility and a range of utility.  We also included romance copy to perfectly describe each type to you shoppers.

With greater awareness, understanding and support of potato types, everyone is a winner!