For the primary potato shopper (25-54 year-olds split equally between men and women) and for Millennial shoppers, time and/or energy-constrained situations account for 1/3 of dinners at home, where potatoes are much less likely to be included.

  • Consumers want to put dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less
  • Convenience is about more than just “speed to table”; it’s about:
    • Something everyone enjoys
    • Fresh and healthy
    • Minimal preparation
    • Ingredients on hand
    • Satisfying…fills you up
    • Variety and versatility

This is why Side Delights has bolstered its convenience offerings.  The opportunity is to herald the merits of smaller-sized potatoes, in particular since they cook more quickly, and to leverage packaging technology to use common kitchen appliances, including microwaves and air fryers, and the grill in the most efficient ways possible.