“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein

Individuality and Collaboration

Collaboration is powerful precisely because of the uniqueness of each member and each customer.

  • We believe each FSN customer’s program should be tailored to its unique needs and developed through collaboration among our members and between our members and the customer.
  • We believe that respect for each FSN member’s unique brand identity is fundamental, and sharing in each other’s ability to succeed is essential. Each must share if they are to grow, and each must grow if they are to share.

Accountability and Transparency

Transparency demands accountability, and accountability demands transparency.

  • We promise FSN customers will always know exactly what product they’re buying and which provider they’re buying it from.
  • We promise FSN members will be accountable for quality and service — to each other and to their customers —because it is literally their farms that are at stake – not someone else’s.

Insight and Innovation

Better information delivers better product and better performance

  • We want every FSN customer to benefit from an analysis of their product mix and marketing plan in the context of their competitive set. With the context of competitive insights, product is a strategic business asset. Without it, it’s just something you hope you can sell.
  • We believe the best breakthroughs – in products and in business – arrive at the intersection of insights and collaboration. FSN members turn category data into insights and consult with their customers to develop innovative products.