“Advertising moves people toward goods; merchandising moves goods toward people.”  ~Morris Hite

Keeping potatoes and onions on the minds, lists, and tables of your consumers

Our job doesn’t stop with just getting the product to the shelf…we help you sell it through. We work with you to bring consumers to your stores, to the produce department, and to the potato and onion displays ready to buy.

Our innovative, pre-packed promotional displays generate over 50% volume lift by stimulating trial and bringing new or lapsed users to the category. Even better, our product performance results in consumer satisfaction and creates loyal, repeat purchasers.

We help you execute retail merchandising best practices and provide point of sale materials and other tools to make it easier for your customers to shop the category. You can also take advantage of our expertise in potato and onion packaging best practices to assist you in the application of your Private or “Own” Brand architecture to these categories.

To keep potatoes and onions “top of mind” and “top of list” we engage with your shoppers before they reach your store through our  brand-specific websites, Facebook pages and more. We also support your advertising and promotional vehicles by providing camera-ready artwork, ad slicks, recipes, and demos.

Working together, we’ll craft customized, comprehensive marketing programs that will create awareness, stimulate trial, drive repeat, and ignite your category sales.