News for Immediate Release

October 21, 2014

Sacramento – Sterman Masser Inc., in continuing with their long-standing mission to serve their employees, customers, and community, has released a new interactive website that is designed to be more user friendly and customer focused.

Sterman Masser Inc. is nationally recognized as one team dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and extraordinary service to satisfied customers.  Their mission is to serve employees, customers and the community and their new website is just one more way of keeping that promise.

Visitors to the old website will be automatically redirected to the new site and will notice the changes right away.  The new look includes an interactive display and an exciting video footage feature.  In addition, the new site offers a search engine for visitors to quickly locate topics of interest.

The new website is designed to highlight the many ways in which they are continuing their commitment to their customers and community.  For the many valued customers who enjoy the 300 million pounds of potatoes annually, the site offers detailed nutritional information as well as a list of the products offered and delicious recipes for the many varieties of potatoes offered.  For those interested in becoming associated with Sterman Masser Inc., the new website puts valuable information right at their fingertips.  As highlighted in the One-Stop Model section, when you work with Masser Potato Farms, you are only one step away from the farm.  No middlemen, no brokers, no unnecessary time or cost in the supply chain, no excuses all through a single point of contact.  In addition, information on product quality and food safety is readily available.

The advantages of the new website extend to the community and employees as well.  Prospective employees now have access to a wealth of information including employment opportunities and the vision and values they stand for.  Members of the community can view updated information on events sponsored by Sterman Masser Inc. as well as other ways they and their employees are engaged in supporting the community.

Sterman Masser Inc. is, first and foremost, a family farming operation.  Eight generations of Massers have farmed in the central Pennsylvania region.  Today, SMI is shipping nearly 6000 loads of fresh, quality potatoes a year.  The 8th generation of Massers are managing SMI operations, and the 9th generation is growing up fast!

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Sterman Masser Inc Unveils New Interactive Website