Leveraging Seasonal Trends and Merchandising Help Increase Potato Sales and Beyond. 

Newport Beach, CA (November 17, 2023) – Side Delights® shares insights on the retailer benefits of incremental potato sales through the holiday shopping season and beyond. According to an October 23 Potatoes USA article on the ‘power of potatoes in shopping carts’, potato purchases drive visibility and engagement for the produce category and profitability for retailers.

Potatoes are currently the #2 top-selling vegetable, representing 21% of fresh vegetables sold in 2022, with the highest household penetration of all vegetables. Potatoes bring stability to the produce department, resulting in subsequent sales for grocery items in and outside of produce.1 Data suggests increasing current potato consumer’s purchases by just one potato product per year can generate an additional $220 million in sales2.

The holiday season provides an ideal opportunity to increase potato sales as consumers prepare for group gatherings and side dishes continue to gain share of the table. An October study reported 51% of Americans would rather have Thanksgiving without turkey than without the sides, and 16% of Americans reported including seven or more side dishes.3

In addition to leveraging consumer and seasonal trends, experts say that increasing potato purchases can be achieved through in-store merchandising. “Potatoes are a strong seller in their own right,” noted Kayla Vogel, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Potatoes USA. “Data shows that best-in-class merchandising can help retailers win big in produce and beyond.”

“Side Delights® has a full range of potato products perfect for the holiday season or any time of year, for one person or a party,” noted Kathleen Triou, president and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “Bagged potatoes are a Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition, and Side Delights® convenience items make pre- and post-holiday meals easy and satisfying. Potatoes are ready to enjoy on their own or add to a shopper’s favorite recipe from the Holiday Recipes – Side Delights section of the Side Delights® website.”

Side Delights® offers a variety of choices of nutritious, economical potato products, including Potato Kits, Convenience Potatoes, Gourmet Potatoes, Fresh-Cut Potatoes, and Organic Potatoes. For more information on Side Delights® products and its network of farms, visit SideDelights.com and GrownWhereItMatters.com.

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