BioFlex Packaging Solution Converts To Soil & Gas In a Landfill

Newport Beach, CA (September 12, 2023) – Side Delights® announced today that they are the only supplier in the potato category and all of Produce to use the new BioFlex™ sustainable packaging technology. Side Delights® is utilizing the new packaging for both conventional and organic potato bags.

“Fresh Solutions Network® partners are deeply committed to supporting the sustainability of farming, from our fields, sheds, transportation, and through to our packaging, noted Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “Consumers are conscientious of the environmental impact of their choices and patronize stores that support a sustainable lifestyle. Retailers with sustainable business strategies can increase customer loyalty and sales.”

In addition to consumer sentiment, sustainable business practices such as packaging are becoming increasingly important to employees and investors. Public and private retailers are using environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting and impact reports to share data with stakeholders on the progress of their goals.1

The global production of thermoplastics is projected to increase to almost 450 million metric tons by 2025. Packaging is the largest market segment in plastics and currently accounts for around 26% of the total volume of plastic used. Less than 10% of all plastics will be recycled, and over 90% of plastic waste will end up in landfills.

BioFlex™ is a sustainable packaging technology that increases the natural microbial activity in modern landfills. BioFlex™ is a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic that looks and works like most plastic containers but breaks down and won’t remain in a landfill for generations. It is also completely recyclable and should be comingled with existing plastic recycling.

“We know that much of the waste created from produce packaging is due to either a lack of recyclability where consumers live, or that the bag was simply thrown away in the non-recyclable trash receptacle.  Now with BioFlex, at a minimum, our bags will convert to biogas within 3.562 years in a landfill.  It won’t matter if the bag was disposed of correctly, it will still break down,” added Triou.  “We have added BioFlex packaging technology to our growing list of sustainability efforts to protect our consumers and the environment,” noted Dave Masser, President, Masser Family of Companies. Masser will feature their potato products in BioFlex packaging at this week’s SEPC Innovations show in Charlotte, NC.  Stop by booth #503 to compare BioFlex to traditional poly bags for yourself.

Fresh Solutions Network is a network of independent, family-owned, agriculturally based businesses committed to growing and providing safe, high qualitynutritiousconvenient, and delicious food in a sustainable, responsible way while strengthening and supporting our communities.

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2) ASTM D5526 show up to 30.3% conversion in 390 days