As plant-based meals sales increase, Side Delights® offers shoppers festive solutions

San Francisco, CA (November 14, 2019) – Plant-based meals sales grew by 28 percent and were worth 210 million dollars in 2018, signaling a trend that isn’t slowing down in 20191. Shoppers who are embracing plant-based or plant-heavy diets face challenges during the holiday season were turkey, ham, and beef reign. Side Delights® has curated a few wine and potato pairings to offer delicious alternatives to traditional holiday dining.

Popular Champagne site The Fat Cork, recommends homemade oven fries or thick-cut potato chips. Salt balances acidic wine, so salty foods are a perfect pairing for dry Champagnes and sparkling wines. This famous pairing goes back at least as far as 1955 in the movie The Seven Year Itch, when Marilyn Monroe arrives at a neighbor’s house with a bottle of Champagne and a bag of potato chips, even suggesting they dip the chips into the Champagne. Shoppers can pick up a bottle of any sparkling wine and the ingredients for Side Delights® Easy Homemade Potato Chips for entertaining guests for holiday parties or enjoy while cooking and prepping for the feast. For those who prefer French fries, Side Delights® has a healthy alternative to frying with Family Favorite Baked Fries.

The November 2019 issue of San Francisco Magazine suggests pairing mashed potatoes with Sauvignon Blanc since the crisp wine with notes of citrus will cut through the buttery richness of the potatoes. Baked potatoes have a predominate earthiness in the skin, which is the ideal match for earthy red wines with intense minerality. Side Delights® suggests Classic Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes to serve this holiday with these wines or any refreshing beverage that will satisfy your group.

“An increasing number of shoppers are integrating vegetarian, whole foods, and plant-based diets into their holiday meal planning,” noted Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “Side Delights’ mashed, baked fries and homemade chips pair well not only with wine, but also bring out the best in any holiday meal.” For more information on Side Delights® products, programs, and recipes, visit