Newport Beach, CA (April 19, 2023) –Side Delights® announced today the launch of its newest product, SPUDS less-than-perfect potatoes. Available in 10-lb. bags, the new potato line was created with the value- and sustainability-focused consumer in mind.

In the US, nearly 120 billion pounds of food is wasted every year1, including the produce that goes to waste on farms.  Producing food that goes to waste uses up precious resources such as water, energy, and cropland, in addition to causing financial losses to farmers. As food waste continues to become a growing concern, retailers, suppliers, and shoppers are looking for solutions – such as the use of imperfect produce, a category that includes items with cosmetic blemishes, unusual color, shape, or size.

As part of the Fresh Solutions Network® commitment to improving sustainable food management practices and reducing food waste, some imperfect potatoes will now be packaged and sold under this new product line. Beyond the sustainability benefits, shoppers will save money since the “less-than-perfect” potatoes will cost less. This is an additional benefit during these inflationary times.

“SPUDS was created for environmentally conscious, food-waste-minded shoppers who understand that potatoes can still be nutritious and taste delicious even if they are cosmetically challenged,” noted Kathleen Triou, president and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “SPUDS potatoes are non-GMO and gluten-free like all our Side Delights branded fresh potatoes. However, these potatoes are not in perfect cosmetic condition.  That does not mean that they aren’t good eating potatoes.  Peel them for a delicious mashed potato dish, or quarter and roast them. The taste is unaffected if the potato has bumps, blemishes, or is oddly shaped.”

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