Eight generations of The Masser Family of Companies continue to advance in conserving and protecting the environment and community while delivering profitable category growth.

Sacramento, PA (January 22, 2024) – Masser Family of Companies of Sacramento, PA announced today it has released its People, Process, and Planet (PPP) Report. Each year, the Masser Family of Companies establishes measurable benchmarks to ensure they are on track to meet their sustainability goals.

The Masser Family of Companies makes annual investments in sustainable practices that contribute towards a reduced carbon footprint and integrated long-term efficiencies across all business segments. The Masser team establishes measurable benchmarks in each required area to ensure they meet their sustainability goals, and reports on their continued advancements in the annual PPP Report.

With integrated state-of-the-art operations, sustainable agricultural and supply chain practices, innovative new products, industry-leading category management and customized marketing solutions – the Masser team delivers profitable category growth by growing and delivering quality potatoes to the nation’s finest retailers and foodservice operators. The Masser Family of Companies and the Masser family have been dedicated to sustainability in all aspects of their business, community, and family for over eight generations.

“As farmers, we base our existence and social responsibility on a shared work ethic, a collective commitment to proper conduct, and an unyielding sense of environmental stewardship and sustainability. The efforts outlined in our People, Process, and Planet Report is Masser’s documented dedication to doing the right thing,” noted Dave Masser, President of Masser Family of Companies. “With the ninth generation joining our family farming operation in the next few years, we will continue to advance in the conservation and protection our environment and community through best-in-class sustainability, including measurable benchmarks and reporting practices.”

The Masser Family of Companies PPP report highlighted recent achievements and ongoing efforts including:

  • Sustainably growing and contracting thousands of acres of white, yellow, red, russet, and creamer potatoes annually
  • Utilizing modern irrigation equipment and water conservation technology
  • Implementing conservation agronomics to grow that include growing acres of hay, wheat, corn and soybeans.
  • Utilizing renewable landfill gas in our value-added processes at Keystone Potato Products.
  • Treating residual mine pool water at our on-site water treatment plant we create potable water for processing   millions of pounds of potato dices, slices, wedges, and fries and then treat the water again before returning it to the local watershed.
  • Operating best-in-class recycling programs
  • Powering the Masser campus is a 1 MW solar farm
  • Outfitting Masser farm team and Masser Logistic Services truck fleet and trailer reefers with the latest fuel efficiency and emissions control equipment to include the KIMS system of battery powered APUs
  • Retrofitting Masser plants, warehouses, and potato storages with energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems
  • Maintaining a high level of food safety and quality assurance through annual third-party audits such as SQF, USDA Organic, and Kosher certification

“Respecting, protecting, and enhancing the natural resources that provide the foundation for our livelihood is critical to meeting today’s needs and ensuring a vibrant legacy for future generations,” added Masser. “We are focused on practicing the ideals within our Planet, People, and Process Report, to lead our agricultural businesses with the highest standards of stewardship, environmental excellence, and enhanced conservation practices.”

The People, Process, Plant Report documented sustainability summary is now available upon request by contacting Lela Reichart at [email protected].