New Roastables lineup combines healthier roasting with bold, global seasonings

San Francisco, CA  (October 21, 2014) – Roasting is one of most flavorful ways to cook potatoes, while also being one of the healthiest.  And roasting has special appeal for Millennial shoppers, who are 30% more likely to prepare potatoes by roasting than the average U.S. consumer (U.S. Potato Board Attitudes & Usage Study 2014).  So what other trend could make roasted potatoes even more appealing to this key shopper demographic?  Adding bold, unique seasonings sourced from around the globe to create a healthy, delicious dish bursting with flavor!

The new Side Delights® Roastables line draws inspiration from these two trends to deliver the most exciting new potato product that retailers have seen this year.  Available in rad little reds, awesome little yellows and a combo pack with both red & yellow potatoes, Roastables come packed in a unique 1 pound clam shell container with the special metal bottom for either oven roasting or grilling.  Each container includes delicious, innovative seasonings from Montana Mex, made with pure sea salt and delicious ingredients like Mexican oregano, garlic and ancho chile.

“Consumers crave potatoes and new ways to prepare them,” said Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network.  “We set out to target Millennial shoppers with a “hot” new item that is simple to prepare, needs no clean up and features bold, global flavors to spice up their favorite side dish.  And with the help of the flavor expertise from Montana Mex, Roastables far exceeded our objective.”

The perfect potato seasoned with delicious Montana Mex seasoned salts delivers a burst of flavor in its own convenient roasting tray.  Roastable potatoes are triple-washed, so they’re ready to cook, season and eat.  Instructions right on the package tell consumers to just add oil and the special seasoning blend included right in the package – that’s it!

Retailers should merchandise Roastables in the convenience section of their main potato table, near creamers, smaller bags and steamable products.  Plus, the unique packaging & savory taste profiles make Roastables perfect for cross merchandising in the meat department or for impulse-oriented secondary displays at the storefront.

Side Delight Roastables made its debut at the recent PMA Fresh Summit and earned enthusiastic praise from retailers and produce industry members alike.  With the formal launch of Roastables officially underway, retailers should place their orders now to ensure an adequate supply so that they can be the first in their area to offer this “new way to love potatoes” to their shoppers!

About Fresh Solutions Network, LLC:  Fresh Solutions Network is where potato growers work together for individual growth and category success. Fresh Solutions Network helps the most sophisticated potato and onion buyers grow their categories, fill product gaps, maximize category investment, and increase sales. We reinvented the procurement model by introducing a direct-supply “dream team.” Our approach gives you unprecedented access to competitive insights, collaborative innovation and optimal potato and onion assortment. Fresh Solutions Network Partners grow, pack, sell and deliver potatoes and onions directly to their retail and foodservice customers, providing seamless, transparent product supply and service. Fresh Solutions Network, LLC partners are: Sterman Masser, Inc. (Masser Potato Farms and Keystone Potato Products in Sacramento and Hegins, PA), Michael Family Farms, Inc. (Urbana, OH), Basin Gold Cooperative, Inc. (Pasco, WA), Green Thumb Farms, Inc. (Fryeburg, ME), Red Isle Potato Growers, Ltd. (Prince Edward Island, Canada), NoKota Packers, Inc. (Buxton, ND), and Sun-Glo of Idaho, Inc. (Sugar City, ID).