Full line of fresh potato offerings to be consolidated under new master brand name

Fresh Solutions Network, LLC today announced the establishment of the Side Delights® brand as a powerful new full-line player in the fresh potato category.  As a result, Fresh Solutions Network will be rebranding many of their existing potato offerings to bring them under the Side Delights® master brand, including their Steamables, Bakeables, Grillables and Gourmet Petite potato products.

The Side Delights® name is a result of extensive consumer testing, with the goal of maximizing consumer appeal while forging an emotional connection with shoppers that will benefit the entire potato category.  The brand name is rooted in the fact that 80% of fresh potatoes are consumed as a side dish, while “Delights” reminds consumers of how much their family enjoys eating potatoes as well as reinforcing the quality of the products grown by the owner-operated farms of Fresh Solution Networks.

The Side Delights® packaging design itself is grounded in research conducted by the United States Potato Board, which found that consumers wanted potato type, size and origin clearly identified to make their shopping easier.  In addition, consumers desired recipes and serving suggestions on potato packaging, and responded more favorably to packages that featured images of prepared potato dishes.

Side Delights Master Brand_Press Release_FINAL