Side Delights® shares shopper data and Cinco de Mayo recipes as consumers continue to cook and celebrate at home

Newport Beach, CA (April 18, 2022) – Side Delights® announced shifts in spending and occasion for potato purchases as shoppers continue to cook and celebrate at home. While restaurants and travel are making a return, eating out has become more expensive, and consumers have adapted to the ‘pantry-to-plate’ trend created during the pandemic, spending more on produce – including potatoes.

Recent data shows that consumers prepare an estimated 82% of meals in a typical week at home as of February 2022, emphasizing fresh, shelf-stable foods such as vegetables, led by tomatoes and potatoes. Potato sales reached $261M during the same period, up 6% over last year1.

According to Blair Richardson, the CEO of Potatoes USA, over the past two years, spending on potatoes has seen a dramatic shift in spending from restaurants and the foodservice industry to home consumption2.

 “As consumers continue to cook and celebrate at home with their family, friends, and favorite foods, they spend more on potatoes at grocery stores,” said Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “Potatoes are no longer just the favorite food of Thanksgiving. As shoppers discover their versatility and value, they incorporate them into new recipes and traditions.”

As a significant export market for potatoes, Mexican menus prominently feature flavorful and festive potato preparations. Potatoes are known for balancing spicy ingredients with their mild flavor and smooth texture. Potatoes are also used as a filling for traditional items such as tacos, taquitos, gorditas, and molotes and take center stage in potato croquettes, tortilla de papas, and patatas bravas.

“As Americans shop for Cinco de Mayo, potatoes are a versatile, healthy, and economical choice,” added Triou. “Consumers can celebrate Mexican culture and cuisine with delicious recipes such as Fiesta Potatoes with Chicken and Potato Nachos.  Aren’t you hungry now?”

Side Delights® offers a variety of healthy choices, including Potato Kits, Convenience Potatoes, Gourmet Potatoes, Fresh-Cut Potatoes, and Organic Potatoes. For more information on Side Delights® products and its network of farms, visit and