Side Delights releases survey results that reveal consumer preferences around family time and meal preparation while confirming, “everything is better with butter.”

San Francisco, CA (January 18, 2021) – Side Delights shared the results from its New Year’s Instagram poll, not surprisingly leading with healthy lifestyle choices.

While only 14% of voters were interested in a weight loss app, 86% were interested in trying meal programs like Whole30, which includes foods with a recognizable list of ingredients or no ingredients at all because they’re whole and unprocessed. In perfect timing, on January 7, the Whole30 program announced the inclusion of all forms of potatoes (except chips and fries) in the New Whole30 Program Rules, stating, “White potatoes are a whole, real, nutrient-dense food!” The webpage features a photo of potatoes with the tagline “Welcome Back, Old Friends.”

The Side Delights Instagram study confirmed that consumers still prefer foods and recipes prepared quickly, with 71% voting for meals in 30 minutes or less. While opting for less time in the kitchen, the survey showed that family mealtime is more important than ever, with 62% of respondents indicating they want more in 2021.

Finally, Food & Wine magazine’s 2021 comfort food prediction that “trends will go towards comfort and simplicity due to the pandemic,” Food & Wine and Martha Stewart publications both included comfort food in their 2021 food trend predictions. These findings line up with the Side Delights survey results, with 88% of voters preferring butter on their potatoes over naked spuds.

“Our newest Instagram survey echoes the buzz-worthy 2021 food trends from healthy eating and quick meals to family time and comfort food,” noted Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “As our followers confirmed, potatoes are perfect as a healthy, fast, family-pleasing food – that tastes great on their own….and with butter!”

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