Giving your shoppers a brand-new reason to love potatoes!

Consumers crave potatoes and new ways to prepare them. Delight your shoppers while ringing up added sales with a “hot” new item that is simple to prepare, needs no clean up and features bold, global flavors to spice up their favorite side dish.


The perfect potato seasoned with delicious Montana Mex seasoned salts delivers a burst of flavor in its own convenient roasting tray. Only the purest ingredients go into our foods – if it sounds like a science project, it’s NOT in here! Roastables encourage creativity in the kitchen and on the grill.  They are triple-washed – ready to cook, season and eat!


  • Merchandise Roastables in your convenience section of the main potato table; near creamers, small bag sizes, steamable product, etc.
  • Unique packaging & savory taste profiles make

Roastables perfect for cross merchandising in the meat department or secondary displays at storefront


  • Rad Little Reds, Awesome Little Yellows, Red & Yellow Combo
  • 1 lb. metal trays specially designed for oven roasting or grilling


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