2nd generation family growing Potatoes, Watermelons, Cabbage, Squash and Sweet Onions

Based in Lake Wales, Florida, Mack Farms began operations in 1967 growing, packing and shipping watermelons.  Later, cabbage and squash were added, and in 1989 they moved into the production of potatoes, with sweet onions becoming the latest addition over just the past several years.  Mack Farms recently acquired Okeechobee, Florida-based Eagle Island Farms, adding 2000 acres in South Florida and a second packing and storage facility to their operations.  They have acquired new packaging capabilities for small potatoes as well as investing in new specialty grading equipment that gives them state-of-the-art sizing capabilities.  They specialize in red potatoes, which account for around 65% of their total potato volume.  But yellow potatoes are becoming increasingly important, making up another 25% of shipments, with the balance split between white potatoes, Russets and Fingerlings.