Food Safety is the cornerstone of the Fresh Solutions Network Corporate Responsibility platform.  Our best practices to insure that the potatoes and onions we bring to market are safe for consumers begin with our soils and seeds and extend across the entire supply chain to the final product sold in retail outlets or in restaurants.

  • The Network Partners have adopted and committed to the implementation of the food safety standards promulgated by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • 100% of Network Partner owned and/or managed production acreage is PrimusGFS, USDA GAP, or Canada GAP  certified
  • The Masser Potato Farms and Green Thumb Farms packing facilities are certified to SQF2000 Level 3 standards. Masser, first certified in 2009, was the first produce facility to achieve this certification in the US. Keystone Potato Products, NoKota Packers, Inc., and Red Isle Potato Growers facilities are in the process of achieving this certification.  The packing facilities of all the other Network Partners have achieved PrimusGFS certification
  • Two Basin Gold members (Skone & Conners and Bud-Rich Potato), Masser Potato Farms, and Green Thumb Farms are certified organic packers

Traceability:  In addition to prevention-based food safety initiatives, all product packed by the Network Partners can be rapidly and fully traced back to the lot, field, shed, and pack date. The Network Partners are committed to the implementation of the industry-wide Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) standards and are currently capable of assigning and encoding 14-digit GTIN numbers in GS1-128 barcodes at the case and pallet level.